Cellular Lab

Our lab aims to understand how interactions among molecules generate behaviours of living systems. Every molecule in a cell (e.g., DNA, mRNA, protein) is governed by the same laws and principles of physics as non-living systems. Yet unlike non-living systems such as rocks and metals, biomolecules can interact amongst themselves to somehow endow a cell with "life" and all the remarkable behaviours that are associated with the living state (e.g., decision-making, information processing, cognition).

We use experiments, models, and theories to reveal how the small and large-scale networks of interactions cause and control behaviours of unicellular and multicellular organisms. In doing so, we hope to reveal, through first principles, quantitative behavioural rules and design principles that are common to many different cell types and organisms.

Some of our equipment listings:

Fluorescence microscopy, LaminAir, CO2 Incubator

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