Microscopy & Image Analysis Laboratory

 Microscopy laboratory provide microstructure and surface analysis and expertise solutions for R&D, quality control, and other applications. Microscopy analysis is available for diverse materials, applications and industries.

Sample shipment and cost-effective testing turnaround times are fast and efficient. Microscopy laboratory expertise and significant technical resources bring advanced analytical techniques for visualizing and measuring  microscopic features, down to nano-scale dimensions.

The Microscopy and Image Analysis Laboratory is a centralized operation including more than 160 square meters housing major equipment, used on a shared basis by investigators focusing mainly on studies of cell and tissue morphology and ultra structure. It offers state-of-the-art equipment for microscopic imaging, including fluorescence microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy ,Animal Imaging, as well as scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

Some of our equipment listings:

AFM, STM, fluorescence microscope, Small Animal Imaging

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