Medical Biotechnology

Breadth and diversity of biotechnology applications, makes its defining and describing a little difficult and different. Some consider it a synonym for Industrial Microbiology and the use of microorganisms, and some define it as the equivalent of genetic engineering. But in general the following definition can be offered for biotechnology.

Application of scientific and technical methods in the conversion of materials by assistance of some biological agents (microorganisms, plant and animal cells and enzymes, etc.) to produce goods and services in agriculture, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical and etc”.

Although, over time, scientists agreed on the common concepts of Biotechnology, they have proposed separate definitions for it. The reason should be found in the nature of biotechnology. Widespread applications of biotechnology have affected various aspects of human life such as economy, health, environment, education, agriculture, industry and nutrition. This is why scholars have called this century as Biotechnology century. Being armed with this knowledge, countries would have great potency in dealing with problems such as poverty and disease.

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