SATiM at a glance

School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine is focusing entirely on science, innovation and technology transfer. This school offers 5 novel fields of knowledge including Medical Nanotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Molecular Medicine, Tissue Engineering and Applied Cell Sciences, Neurosciences and addiction studies at two levels of M.Sc. and Ph.D. Our journey to becoming one of the best schools began in 2008.

This School accepts students in the post graduate studies level. The curriculum is hoped to fill the gap between university and industry in medical sciences.

The fields of study offered by this School provide you with various career opportunities. Upon graduation, you can seek jobs in high-tech companies specializing in technologies of medicine, you have the opportunity to pursue a career of teaching in top universities, or maybe start your own business in related fields.

When you decide to study in TUMS, you have made the best decision as you have chosen one of the best universities in the Middle East. This is your future that you have decided to make it yourself.


Our vision is enabling students to step into professional careers with significantly high levels of theoretical knowledge and practical abilities in maximum level to get started working in high-tech companies.


Our mission is to train innovative students in postgraduate fields, to learn advanced technologies  and  cooperate with national and international companies.

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